VIU Dreamin’

[slideshow_deploy id=’7834′] Photos by Sean Enns A note on Deep Dream: Developers at Google released an image manipulation framework during the summer. The package applies various filters—from the subtle to the fantastical—to images it’s fed, then examines each pixel, and attempts to make sense of it. Once it comes up with an answer, it overlays … Continued

Body Talk 2015

Photos from the aerial dance workshop organized by The Crimson Coast Society and the youth team CRU at the Romper Room Climbing Centre during the spring break week. [slideshow_deploy id=’7712′] Flying Circus Nanaimo

Museum news: Sights from the herring spawn

By contributor James Mackinnon. Read more from the Museum News series. While the spawn occurs at different times on different parts of the coast, around the southern Salish Sea, the fist few weeks of March are the best time to watch the action. [slideshow_deploy id=’7347′]

The wet West Coast in February

By Luke Bowles While the rest of Canada is seeing temperatures near -15˚C and below, here on Vancouver Island we’re enjoying a turbulent winter featuring the Pineapple Express, rain, sunshine, and cozy fireplaces. Ontario gets snowfall warnings while we enjoy the first buds. Ottawa’s Rideau Canal is open for skaters while our first flowers are … Continued

Behind the scenes with Amy Lynn Grace

  Up-and-coming model Amy Lynn Grace and photographer Mike Thompson of Impact Digital Photography shoot a set of edgy, rocker-themed photos for her portfolio. A variety of backdrops, lighting, costumes, and props help create a look worthy of a Rolling Stone magazine cover. Over a gruelling eight hours and hundreds of shots, model and photographer … Continued

Canada World Youth farewell show

On Friday, January 2, 18 Indonesian and Canadian exchange students threw a community farewell party at St. Paul’s Anglican Church for the program’s host families, volunteer work placement partners, and other supporters of CWY. Don’t forget to check out Voices from Canada World Youth: Indonesia and Canada.  [slideshow_deploy id=’6636′]

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