Meditating the Anxieties Away

2020 has been an unforgettable year, and it’s not even over yet. The entire world has been shaken up on account of COVID-19, not to mention the murder hornets, protests, and wildfires (to name just a few). This crisis has left everyone feeling vulnerable and helpless, myself included. I don’t know how the new academic … Continued

VIU Mariners Hopeful for Spring Seasons

They all knew the news was coming, but it didn’t soften the blow. Partway through the summer while the world watched COVID-19’s steady spread, players, coaches, and staff of the Vancouver Island University Mariners soccer and golf programs learned their national championships for 2020 were cancelled, along with all competitive play for the fall. Questions … Continued

VIU Residences COVID-19 Restart

Every year, the VIU Student Residences welcomes over 500 new and returning students from across the world and invites them to build communities and make long-lasting connections. With new COVID-19 rules and regulations, this year will look very different for the “Reslife” community. Back in March when VIU sent out emails informing the student body … Continued

More Bang for your VIU Buck

Imagine if there was a way to turn textbooks into coffee. Or put the hundreds of dollars spent on printing in the library towards sandwiches in the cafeteria. We’re not Hogwarts students here (presumably), but soon we could come pretty close to that kind of transfiguration. Keith Johnson, Tobiloba Omoniyi, Cole Collinson, and Parveen Kaur … Continued

Sara Drew in Peru

How does one simultaneously develop skills for their future career while also making a positive difference in the world? Sara Drew is a second-year Bachelor of Education student at VIU who returned to her studies this semester following a four-month excursion to Peru. The International Aboriginal Youth Internship (IAYI) Initiative, partnered with Canada World Youth … Continued

About Bloody Time

Anouk Borris, the Women Students’ Representative at VIUSU, has been working to get pads and tampons into all washrooms across campus, free of charge to students and staff. Toilet paper is provided, so why shouldn’t these products be? There are taboos to be broken and stigmas to be shattered. These stigmas are rooted in misogyny, … Continued

Best of the City: White Rabbit Coffee Co.

In July of 2012, the train station on Selby St. got a major restoration, thanks to a community desire to restore what a fire had damaged five years earlier. For years, the left side of the building had remained dormant—until now. The restored Nanaimo heritage building is currently home to White Rabbit Coffee Co., where … Continued

Speakers for the Trees

In university, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the echo chamber of your own program. I found this to be quite true when I interviewed some students and professors in the forestry program—I introduced myself, and then had to explain what this magazine was. Then they talked about courses like hydrology, entomology, … Continued

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