There are probably as many recipes for borscht as there are people who make this lovely soup. One thing they all have in common: the rose-red hue of beets. Borscht is an inexpensive way to get a lot of vitamins and fibre in one meal. It’s great as an appetizer or as a main course … Continued

Spirituality on Tap Hallowe’en: Tis the season!

As I was trolling the Internet today, I started thinking about the origins of Hallowe’en, or All Hallows Eve as it used to be called by the Catholic Church. On my way to do some research, I stumbled upon a few helpful sites offering a brief history of the day we now associate with costumes, … Continued

International Centre for Sturgeon Studies

Connected to the Fisheries and Aquaculture department is VIU’s brand new International Centre for Sturgeon Studies. The Centre is intended to be a state-of-the-art lab facility and field research base for scientists from around the world. The Director of the Centre is Don Tillapaugh, and back in Sept. Technician Dave Switzer gave me a tour … Continued

The Universe Within

 “ Understanding where the universe is within us may be closer than I initially expected.” A mark of a truly great mind is the ability to comprehend one of the most complicated subjects grappled by humankind, and then to be able to explain it in a way that it is understandable to those outside the … Continued

Outdoor Rec Surf Weekend

On Saturday morning, Sept. 29, a group of 12 sleepy, slow moving Outdoor Rec participants answered lethargically to the routine roll-call that most students have answered to for a majority of their post-secondary lives, “My name is… and I study…” Even the prospect of a weekend surf adventure in Tofino wasn’t enough to liven the … Continued

Roasted Red Pepper and Cherry Tomato Sauce

There’s no reason to resort to jarred pasta sauce with bizarre additives when you can make your very own using fresh tomatoes. This recipe calls for red wine, Parmesan cheese, and sundried tomatoes, which can add up to be on the pricier side. If you’re watching your budget, all you really need are cherry tomatoes, … Continued

A talk with Jane Goodall

Toronto (CUP) — Dr. Jane Goodall is an iconic primatologist and environmental activist. Beginning in 1960, she began living with and intensely studying chimpanzees in Tanzania. Her findings were revolutionary: she uncovered multiple human similarities, discovered their use of tools, and witnessed their violent behaviour. After 52 years, her time with chimps has become deeply … Continued

Doubt, faith, and a Pontiac Grand Prix

Many of us were raised on our parents or guardian’s brand of beliefs, be it Islam, atheism, Baha’I, or otherwise. But when, if at all, did we decide for ourselves what we believed? For myself, it happened when I was eight, driving home from Costco in the backseat of my mom’s Pontiac Grand Prix. As … Continued

OPINION: tenants vs. landlords

We have all heard someone with a rental-gone-bad story, or we may have experienced it for ourselves. In the past when I signed a certain lease, I felt a shiver crawl through my body—it felt as if I was signing my life away to a stranger —and in a sense, I was. Just another broke … Continued

New restaurant hits north Nanaimo this fall

A new opportunity for organic dining is available to locals as of Sept.15 in north Nanaimo. World renowned Canadian chef David Wong unveiled his restaurant, The Jar, on 6595 Applecross Rd., formerly the Urban Beet Café. The Jar offers breakfast and lunch menus featuring local, handcrafted ingredients influenced by the seasons. The Jar offers a … Continued

Fisheries and Aquaculture: Fishing for their future

At the top of the Vancouver Island University hill is perhaps one of the most oft-mentioned departments on campus, but it’s still one of the lesser-visited by the general student population. From where the Fisheries and Aquaculture department is situated, there is a beautiful juxtaposition in the highest point on campus being the area where … Continued

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