OPINION: tenants vs. landlords

We have all heard someone with a rental-gone-bad story, or we may have experienced it for ourselves. In the past when I signed a certain lease, I felt a shiver crawl through my body—it felt as if I was signing my life away to a stranger —and in a sense, I was. Just another broke … Continued

New restaurant hits north Nanaimo this fall

A new opportunity for organic dining is available to locals as of Sept.15 in north Nanaimo. World renowned Canadian chef David Wong unveiled his restaurant, The Jar, on 6595 Applecross Rd., formerly the Urban Beet Café. The Jar offers breakfast and lunch menus featuring local, handcrafted ingredients influenced by the seasons. The Jar offers a … Continued

Fisheries and Aquaculture: Fishing for their future

At the top of the Vancouver Island University hill is perhaps one of the most oft-mentioned departments on campus, but it’s still one of the lesser-visited by the general student population. From where the Fisheries and Aquaculture department is situated, there is a beautiful juxtaposition in the highest point on campus being the area where … Continued

Navigating the streets of London

On Sept. 14, Craig Taylor, a journalist with U.K.’s The Guardian newspaper, who grew up in Lantzville and on Protection Island, gave a reading and presentation to a packed auditorium in bldg. 355 of the Nanaimo campus. Taylor is the author of three books: Return to Akenfield, One Million Tiny Plays About Britain, and most … Continued

Focaccia Bread

If you’ve ever wanted to fill your kitchen with the smell of fresh baked bread but were daunted by the process, try focaccia bread. It’s ready in under an hour and it goes well with soups, pasta dishes, or as a pizza crust. This version tops the bread up with garlic, thinly sliced onion, Parmesan … Continued

OPINION: if it’s yellow, let it mellow

Hygienic practice has us accustomed to flushing the toilet every time we go. Although this might be necessary at certain times, we need to reduce the amount we flush in order to conserve water. The toilet is the number one water-consuming apparatus in a household, accounting for 30 percent of household water usage. If we … Continued

Wroclaw, Poland: a city of stories

When asked what I did this summer, I can’t help but feel a thrill when I tell people that I went to Poland from May 7–28 for an English and Art History field school to learn about Polish art and translated literature. As Apr. drew to a close, I excitedly packed, and repacked, my bag … Continued

Five ways to turn your Monday into a Friday: pick-me-ups

If anyone knows first-hand the travesties of Monday, it’s university students. Be it through the conventions of society or cheesy ’80s songs, people have an ingrained grudge towards Mondays. Why is this so? Monday sets us up for the rest of the week, so it is vital to channel a positive attitude for this inevitable … Continued

Rice Pudding

As the weather cools, a bowl of rice pudding makes for a great evening treat—and cold leftovers are a filling breakfast in the morning. Set it to bake while studying in the evening—trips to stir the pudding make for good short breaks. Short-grain rice (Pearl rice)—heaping 45 mL Evaporated milk—370 mL 2% milk or almond … Continued

Community gardening in Nanaimo

Community gardening has become a lot more visible in Nanaimo during recent years. As concern and a general awareness about the origin of our food increases, so does the interest in playing a part in food production—which is inspiring Nanaimoites to get outdoors and into their community. There’s the promise of reward for their hard … Continued

Serving students: VIU library policies revisited

When the VIU library staff looked at a list of the changes that they had recently made to their policies for making resources available to students, they were impressed—and for good reason. The VIU library staff have been busy, and the experience of using the library is not what it used to be; that’s a … Continued

Hot Salmon Pasta Salad

1 can salmon, drained 1 . cups pasta 2 cloves garlic, minced Lemon juice  1\2 tbsp butter Lettuce, sliced into strips Salt Preparation time: 20 minutes.   1. Put pasta on to boil, season with a pinch of salt. 2. Once pasta is cooked, sauté minced garlic in butter until garlic is fragrant. 3. Add … Continued

Beekeeping on Vancouver Island

As Aug. winds down, so does the busy season of Vancouver Island’s most buzz-worthy residents: the bees. Beekeeping is booming on Vancouver Island—both commercially, and for hobbyist enjoyment; Vancouver Island is the home of one quarter of honeybees in B.C. A Buzzing Business  One of the best-known beekeepers on the Island is Theo Fredrich Sr. … Continued

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