The Boomers Are Coming

WATERLOO (CUP)The baby boom generation of Canadiansthose born between 1951 and 1966 make up a large demographic of Canada’s workforce. The clock on their working lives, however, seems to be ticking louder than ever before. With lots of noise being made in the media and by the government about the immanent retirement of so many … Continued

Unlocking Bill C-11

OTTAWA (CUP)There’s one update ready for our copyright laws. Should we install it? On Feb. 14, the Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-11), was submitted to committee for review and amendments. The bill aims to update copyright laws, last altered in 1997, and make breaking digital locks illegal. Time For an Upgrade Kathleen Simmons, owner of … Continued

The Final, Sad Death of the Typewriter

Regardless of whatever small amount of life force it had previously clung to, the typewriter is now dead. What was once the chosen production machine for journalists and writers is now nothing but an antiquesomething you might have crammed away in a basement or attic, which your kids will wonder about if you ever decide … Continued

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