The Soul of Ceramics

I dodge puddles to keep my shoes dry as I make my way to VIU’s Visual and Applied Arts building. Still, they’re soaked in minutes. I know that I need new ones, but I can’t afford them.  Just like the soles of my shoes, I feel exhausted and worn out. I’ve been on campus all … Continued

Unheard and Uninformed: Part Two

This is part two of a two-part inquiry into the restraints placed on female bodies and sexuality.   Editor’s note: Myself and the two women who’s experiences I share in this article are cis-gendered. The vast majority of sexual education in Canada refers to heterosexual people, meaning there are woefully few educational tools for the … Continued

Burnout Education 101

It’s tough being a teacher. Unruly students, detailed planning, a less-than-perfect workplace—any one of these factors can cause a burnout.  All of them together can create a breaking point for teachers. Teachers in BC are dealing with many challenges, such as low wages, and high housing and food costs, according to Chair of the Association … Continued

From Club to Community

Who are the people running VIU’s clubs? Audio Editor Jack Corfield speaks to Gen, the Supreme Hierarch of Unconquerable Dungeons and Ancient God Dragons (President) of the D&D Club, and Elizabeth, the Minister of Internal Affairs for the History Club. Later, he sits down with power couple Sam and Katrin, Co-Chair of the History Students’ … Continued

The Navigator Sessions

Nanaimo’s very own Andrew Butler of Antler stopped by the Nav office to play us a few tunes and chat about the Nanaimo music scene. Stay tuned for future episodes of The Navigator Sessions where we will be highlighting the very best musical acts that the mid-island scene has to offer! 0:00 – Intro 0:10 … Continued

Heart of Gold

There is a new bench outside the Education and Social Sciences building on the VIU Nanaimo campus. On it is a plaque that reads: “In memory of Dr. Tony Robertson. Well-loved and respected professor, teacher, and friend.” The bench was officially dedicated on Friday, September 23, in memory of Dr. Tony Robertson, who passed away … Continued

Mahsa Amini

Alli, an Iranian MBA student attending VIU stands behind a table outside the campus library in Nanaimo. Melted wax candles dot the table’s surface in memorial.  “How can I live in this beautiful country when my brother and sister are being killed?” he says. “There is a sense of feeling guilty when I am here … Continued

Dear Professors,

I’m sitting in the $800 bedroom I’m renting. I hear my four other roommates in the rooms around me. My back aches from the $5 stool I bought on Facebook Marketplace. My Zoom camera is turned off to hide the tears streaming down my face.  My education is supposed to be my priority, but my … Continued

Find Your Support

I’m sitting in my third-year Indigenous Literature course as my non-Indigenous professor begins his lecture. I look around and wonder if I am the only Indigenous person in the room. In high school I was well aware of the low Indigenous graduation rates at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. My family, educators, and members … Continued

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