Students react to ABE funding cuts

A decision by the Liberal Government to cut Adult Basic Education (ABE) funding and bring back tuition fees has caused outrage among many VIU students and staff. “This is largely affecting people who already have so many obstacles in their life,” said Patrick Barbosa, Chief Returning Officer of the VIU Students’ Union. “Up to 20 … Continued

Kitasoo Students to Visit VIU

The Kitasoo community school is raising money to send students on a trip to visit universities in Vancouver and Nanaimo. The school is sending 11 of its 40 students on the trip to gain experience of what a BC university is like. In May, the group is scheduled to visit UBC, SFU, and VIU over … Continued

“In case you missed it” Chili Recipe

Now, we know that everyone has their own take on chili, the slow-cooked Mexican staple; The VIU Students’ Union dished up their own recipe this week for students on campus. However, due to “New Year, New You” mantras and gym membership increases, The Nav has decided to add a few happy-stomach veggies to recipe below. … Continued

Canada World Youth farewell show

On Friday, January 2, 18 Indonesian and Canadian exchange students threw a community farewell party at St. Paul’s Anglican Church for the program’s host families, volunteer work placement partners, and other supporters of CWY. Don’t forget to check out Voices from Canada World Youth: Indonesia and Canada.  

VIU Museum of Natural History: Winter birding

By contributor James Mackinnon The excuses are endless: “The weather is too nasty,” “Everything’s gone away for the winter,” “I just got a sweet Playstation for Christmas.” During the colder months, it’s easy to be deterred from getting out for a hike or an expedition in search of the plant and wildlife the Nanaimo area … Continued

Ocean floor overwhelmed by exotic algae

The VIU Deep Bay Marine Field Station is currently documenting the activity of an introduced species of algae and its environmental effects. The algae being studied, Mazella japonica (MJ), is an exotic species estimated to have been introduced 80 years ago. The study is taking place due to it taking over the ocean floor and … Continued

Ted Talks speaker to lecture at VIU on climate change

This Thursday, January 15, VIU is hosting Robert Shirkey, a former Toronto lawyer who quit his job to pursue Our Horizon, a not-for-profit organization fighting climate change. Shirkey lectures across Canada to demonstrate his organization’s plan to label gas pumps across the country with warning labels, comparable to that on cigarette packaging. “This idea gives municipalities … Continued

Scuttle-what? VIU: here to help you get active

As pages in the calendar flip, many students are settling in for another semester. VIU’s gymnasium fills with resolution-motivated students, looking to sweat off the stress. For those looking for a more interesting way to beat the holiday bulge, VIU’s campus rec has just the ticket. This January, you could find yourself snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, … Continued

The fifth element of Valentina

  You do not overlook Valentina Cardinalli in a crowd. Wearing either a faux fur leopard jacket, a bright yellow and purple felt cloak, or at least a feeler headdress, she never just stands in the background or sits in the audience. She is  the one painting a canvas or chalking the sidewalk, accompanying live … Continued

What I learned from Ebenezer Scrooge

By contributor Jennifer Cox I love everything about Christmas: the bright lights that my neighbours string along rooflines and in hedges, the nativity scenes and inflatable Santas that fill the yards, the carols in the shopping malls, and the blitz of parties and cookie exchanges around my community. But every year, as I flip my … Continued

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