Sober Nights in Nanaimo

As Nanaimo’s population marches past 90,000, and businesses note the growing influx of university students, the need for an accessible night-life for various demographics grows. While some venues are beginning to accommodate this need, there are still hurdles to overcome.

A VIU Ghost Story

For years, rumours about the ghost, or ghosts, of Malaspina Theatre have been passed down like a tattered copy of Hamlet; but for the most part, the presence of Neil Rutherford (and others) has been a well-kept department secret. Stories about ghost encounters tend to leave with students as they graduate, surprising new actors as … Continued

Far From Home

I took it upon myself to visit all the restaurants in Nanaimo that serve Japanese ramen. They stretch south to north, each with their own unique flair, restaurant atmosphere, and traditional Japanese qualities: Bistro Taiyo, Nana Sushi, Wa-Ku, Umai, and Nori. My Japanese friend from VIU, Hikarua Nakamura, came along when she was available and … Continued

RASTA Animal Sanctuary

Tucked away at the side of Chemainus Road lies a farm that would appear to be just like any other. Secluded by trees, you may be able to spot some of the animals out on the field as you drive by if you look hard (and quickly) enough.  This is no ordinary farm, but the … Continued

Malecon Quinceanera

The chrome Indian head of a black  ’49 Pontiac Chieftain Coupe, shimmers in the late afternoon sun. My Dad had one fifty years ago; it had leaky brakes and sometimes he had  to angle it against the curb to stop it. It must have died long ago, but here, frozen in time, this one glides … Continued

When I Stopped Clapping

In a one-room schoolhouse a cast iron pot belly stove burned through great stacks of wood and sometimes mice whose necks had snapped in shiny steel traps.   We all cheered and clapped when our hero  dangled them by their tails  and flung their tiny corpses into the fire.   He was a lanky man … Continued

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