My Mariner Pride

This semester I will be warming up for when VIU hosts the women’s national basketball championships by attending every possible event, tailgate party, and game so that I can stand tall in the bleachers and barbarically yawp Mariner pride. I may have no confidence in my ability to understand the game, but I have every confidence in my fellow Mariners. After all, it’s a great thing to be a sturgeon.

You’re All Navigators

The Nav has gone through rigorous transformation in the last three years. Having begun as a biweekly newspaper on October 16, 1969, it ran that in-print format until 2017, when my predecessor, Cole Schisler, transformed The Nav into what you hold in your hands today. A sleek, full-colour 40-page magazine produced by VIU students, written by … Continued

Shack Island: The Little Island that Could

Nanaimo is full of small parks and nature to explore. Bowen Park, offering tranquil duck ponds and amphitheatre. Icarus Park’s meandering stairs down to the beautiful beach. And Pipers Lagoon Park, with its picturesque view of Shack Island. It’s hard to miss the small collection of buildings that cluster on the strips of land stretching … Continued


It took Lydia five minutes to pry Pointer away from the door, where he growled and barked incessantly. With one hand buried in his silken gold coat she cracked the door with the other, the dog howling in distress. “Can’t you read?” Lydia yelled over the wails from Pointer, and then flung the door open.  … Continued

Cradle of a Certain Harbour City Culture

The infamous China Steps of Downtown Nanaimo, located between Victoria Crescent and Terminal Avenue, has this post-historical aroma of a cultural genesis and if you look ever so closely, you might be able to see a spry blue building that cradles a certain Harbour City culture; enter: The Hub City Cinema Society (HCCS).  This nonprofit … Continued

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