The velvet flag

I jingled the keys to my Grandmother’s house as we walked up the driveway. The heritage house in Esquimalt sat neglected. There were more weeds than gravel. Some kids had impaled a pumpkin lantern on the wrought iron fence; rusted spikes pierced through the orange flesh. Once yellow and white, it was in bad need … Continued

Burial Rites

Don’t bury me in a cemetery below the pockmarked blocks that romanticize the forgotten. Bury me next to an abandoned school where memories of younger days mix with decay. Bury me next to a lighthouse wherein the dark light can still be seen. Bury me next to a waterfall where what has fallen still continues … Continued


To my naïve generation, yielding, too inexperienced for truth. Politics, panic, purgatory yet untouched. We hardly know love from lust. To my gullible generation, unthinking, with media’s unending hiss. Bidders buy young minds. Convinced to believe anything we don’t believe in ourselves. To my angry generation, rebelling, with misplaced red rage. Misdirected feelings lash. Who … Continued

Ode to Morning

Nighttime sighs her last goodbyes, Sweet sunlight trickles in. I’ve never moved my arm so fast, This alarm makes such a din. My muscles ache, my eyelids burn, Don’t ask about my head. If I must do this every day– I wish that I were dead. Why, oh why, I moan, I cry, As stumbling … Continued

Two poems

November Rose Your friend cried because she was too busy to get sick, you dropped everything and crossed the room to kiss her forehead. I longed to catch her cold and wished I knew how to cry. Your taxi never came because I got the address wrong. I hated that I made you wait in … Continued

Dear Mr. Christianson

The letter I should have wrote to Mr. Christianson: Thank you for going to bat for me, for bending the rules, for talking the principal into letting me graduate even though technically, I had too many absences, for seeing my talent and telling me I had it, for knowing that I needed a break and … Continued


In Nanaimo, I take a cab to work. I spend the midnight shift serving subs, Japa-dogs, and gourmet poutine, to the slurring, swaying, bar crowd crying out for more pickles, less pickles, no onions, more sauce please, this isn’t what I ordered. But on my days off, I take a bus to work, ask for … Continued


Yannis skipped the line with the appropriate aplomb, glancing over his shoulder to notice it stretch down the block. He shook the hand of the head bouncer, Rufus, who was about the largest, ruddiest Englishman outside the world of professional rugby. He hugged the squat, balding promoter Pablo Carlito Jiminez, and sauntered into the venue. … Continued


The first bullet hissed and broke air spiraling from the rifle barrel; a kiss adiós blown from atop the Mandalay Bay lair. A Nevadan reaping concert goers’ bliss; few shelter from a hail of depleted uranium. Country music fades from Vegas Village stage gunfire’s melody, the last note in their craniums was a grueling testament … Continued


The 13th annual Vancouver Island Short Film Festival took place at VIU’s Malaspina Theatre earlier this month and, once again, the films did not disappoint. Out of 127 submissions, 18 films were selected for public viewing. I had the opportunity to attend the February 3 viewing before the awards ceremony, to get a peek at … Continued


“Roll Sound!” Robert Murray shouted as he sped along, while beside him Knuckles ripped through traffic with no apparent care for his life or well-being. At a red light, Knuckles slowed into a track stand, balancing on his pedals while he rummaged through his messenger bag before pausing to shotgun the beer he removed. Then, … Continued

Three’s a crowd

Charlie knew it was his when he saw it. He looked straight past the patches of black paint. All the time his fingertips had spent surfing the endless waves of Craigslist ads and postings in used car Facebook groups had finally yielded the car he yearned for. Kurt nudged his shoulder. His best friend, more … Continued

I Stand with Janis

I hear you are afraid, I believe you. See you. You are important. Your voice it does not waiver requesting accountability. Resilient. Strong. Warm. I hold a candle that shines for you and a prayer that you never give up. Department head, I hear you— that you were Afraid. Your battle cry, sweet music crystal … Continued


I first fell in love at eleven years old and felt the heartache down to my marrow. Free-falling, unaware, drowning in bliss; I didn’t see the noose till I was over the cliff. The first day of school was when we met. She liked Pulp Fiction, U2, and Johnny Depp. In less than two months … Continued

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