the prince

long and crooked are his fingers like his smile they’ve been broken his lips taste like iron from the blood that drips from his nose and rusted roses bloom from the lapels of his shirt a cross-stitched madness that ekes out the marble pattern of his muscle his hair is star-faded dying at the ends … Continued


Deep forest of velvety green Dinosaur redwood. Ancient, wise, Silence, serenity, Blissful, calm Secret pathway Sprinkled with golden leaves Raindrops of sunlight Bouncing playfully Among tree boughs. Smooth silken moss, Damp under my feet. Scrambling high Tumbling low Muted voices of long ago. Spirit guides me. Onward I go, Descending to Gems of dripping water … Continued

Nanaimo Welcomes New Poet Laureates

By News Editor Aislinn Cottell The three-year term of Naomi Beth Wakan, Nanaimo’s first ever Inaugural Poet Laureate, has come to an end. Instated in 2013, in her time as Laureate, Wakan was a prolific writer, and established several successful creative projects in the city, including starting a high-school poetry competition, and establishing Nanaimo’s Poetry … Continued

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