Harewood Neighbourhood Plan seeking public inputnity

The first formal open house for the Harewood Neighbourhood Plan was held on Sep. 22 at the University Village Shopping Centre. The plan is part of a yearlong process that is currently in the first of five stages. Community planners and volunteers provided background information on the neighbourhood related to land use, infrastructure, topography, heritage … Continued

Walk draws attention to HIV/AIDS in Nanaimo

On Sept. 22 the 16th annual Nanaimo Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life was held at Maffeo Sutton Park. The event is part of a larger national awareness and fundraising attempt that takes place in communities across Canada. There are an estimated 1400 people on Vancouver Island affected by HIV/AIDS but the event has slipped from … Continued

Nanaimo airport soars to new heights

In Aug. the Nanaimo Airport shattered their previous record for the highest number of passengers traveling through their terminal. VIU is the largest client of the Nanaimo Airport having sent 500 passengers in the month of Aug. alone. “The growth in passengers at the Nanaimo airport has been record breaking,” Nanaimo Airport President and CEO … Continued

New simulation lab will benefit all nursing students

Local philanthropist Sidney Sharman has generously donated $350 thousand to build and equip a state-of-the-art simulation lab at VIU. The simulation lab will provide Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students, Practical Nursing (PN) students, and Health Care Assistant (HCA) students with critical hands on experience before they enter their clinical practice. Sharman’s contribution, in … Continued

Earthquake preparedness on campus

On Oct. 18 there will be an earthquake drill in B.C. called “The Great Shake out.” It is a big event in which parents, teachers, students, and workers from all over B.C. are becoming involved. The event is now an annual occasion that recognizes practice is better than panic in our seismically active area. The … Continued

Iran embassy closure has big implications for Iranian students in Canada

MONTREAL (CUP)—After suspending diplomatic relations with Iran almost two weeks ago, Iranian students studying in Canada are still waiting on directives from Ottawa as to how, or if, they will be able to continue their studies. According to the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE) there are about 4000 Iranian students affected by the government’s … Continued

Vancouver-based textbook rental company qualifies for Top 25 of the BCIC New Ventures Competition 2012

Big Mama Student Services LTD, a Vancouver-based textbook rental company, qualified for the 2012 BCIC New Ventures Competition. The competition began in Apr. with 146 companies. It is one of North America’s largest technology business-idea events, allowing early stage businesses the chance to network, attend seminars, and improve their business strategies. Ramona McLeod, founder of … Continued

Pauline Marois is cut from a different cloth

Québec politics is seldom predictable and most election results often demonstrate that the political analysts are off the mark. For some time, the unpopularity of Jean Charest’s Liberal government seemed so extensive that the party would suffer a huge defeat and even be reduced to a distant third place. So, on election night of Sept. … Continued

Grad student aimed at giving ‘dignity’ back to LGBTT seniors

Imagine spending your entire life fighting against discrimination—only to reach old age and retreat back to the closet for fear of intolerant residents or care workers. Now imagine being forced out of your neighbourhood by skyrocketing rent costs. For Vancouver’s aging LGBTT community—this is a grim reality. Alex Sangha, 40, of Vancouver is trying to … Continued

Loud TV ads—A thing of the past

Listen up slackers, your five hour marathons of Storage Wars and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo shall never be ruined by clamoring commercials again! Hurrah. The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has ushered in new laws that prohibit digital broadcasters from airing commercials that are louder than regular programming. “Starting on Sept. 1, Canadians … Continued

VIU free store popular among students

On Sept. 6 students flocked to the lower cafeteria in search of school supplies, housewares, and clothing—all for free. Several portable tables were arranged into a makeshift store. Cardboard boxes containing dishes and utensils were displayed on the floor. There was even a few television sets. Elaine Gabler, a customer service representative at VIU’s welcome … Continued

Duncan fitness studio offers pole dancing class for children

Kristy Craig, the owner of Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness Studio is offering a children’s pole dancing class called “Little Spinners.” These weekend kiddie classes will run on Saturdays in the fall for a staggering fee of $70 an hour. Craig claims that she is simply catering to the demands of her adult clients. “My … Continued

Violence is Preventable Program recruiting male students

A school-based outreach program called Violence is Preventable (VIP) is looking to recruit male students. In this program, supportive men present to grade 10 students in School District 68 about domestic and dating violence. Tracy Meyers, Coordinator for the Children and Youth Who Witness Abuse Program at Haven Society says, “The mandate [of the VIP … Continued

Science centre proposed for Bowen Park

On Sept. 8, an open house was held at Bowen Park to discuss plans for a proposed science centre. The event allowed the public to ask questions and provide feedback through a survey. The proposed science centre is geared towards all-age groups. There would be hands-on activities for children to foster learning at a young … Continued

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