By Megan Wolfe I love how you understand me That you never question or judge You’re always so sweet And there when I need some love I can never have a bad day with you by my side My constant companion Through the good times and bad We’ve been through so much together And I … Continued

The Hypocrite

By Jeff Sieniewicz Oh, slick trick, easy as feigned sympathy, others will never see. Friend and foe, you’ll lick. You and truth never collide. Twist here, schisms cleft clear. Crack the oyster wide. Each desire, every dream true. What’s the due? Merely turn liar. Make many mighty claim, spew hubris over sanctimony. Hide void and insecurity, … Continued

Poetry: Point

By contributor Elaine Lay. Elaine is a new Canadian, born and raised mostly in the Philippines. She graduated Dalhousie University a year ago with a B.A. in English, minor in Classics, and is now taking Creative Writing at VIU. The poem was originally titled The Truth and was inspired by Audiomachine’s soundtrack of the same name, as well … Continued

Poetry: Fire…

By contributor Emery Konst. Emery is an English major focusing on fiction and poetry. Besides reading and writing in her hammock, she enjoys annoying the neighbors with her loud music. Her poem, Fire…,was forged from a dream about mountain rock, dawning sky, and an eternal fire. Fire… burning embers crackle upon slabs of cold stone its fiery … Continued

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