Turning the Page

You’ve seen them. The posters, the wire racks, the newspaper boxes. You’ve seen their name in the VIU newsletters and on social media. The Navigator. Also called The Nav, VIU’s student press published its first issue in 1969. Starting as a biweekly newspaper, it transformed into a monthly full-colour magazine in 2017.  Then, The Nav … Continued

Skipping School

Jack sits down with his roommates, Ocea and Amy, and two fellow Homeschoolers from VIU to discuss the public perception of homeschoolers and their presence/lifestyle in a university setting. Personal accounts, stories, and discussion of organized education commence!

Madi Duncan & Amateur Hour

We were blessed to have Madi Duncan & Amateur Hour stop by our office to play us a few of their groovy tunes. Timestamps 0:08 – Another Day Alone, Except 4:09 – Tall, Dark, And Grusome 7:03 – Venetian Red Check out Madi here: https://linktr.ee/madijduncan From madiduncan.com: “Having shared the stage with Foo Fighters, Dave … Continued

Love at a Distance

It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re hyper aware of all the couples on campus: the girls holding hands, the guys exchanging a kiss, your classmate shyly handing an envelope to their partner. A lump comes to your throat as you think of your significant other, another country and time zone away. Dropping into your seat, you send … Continued

Mika Yamada

The Nav’s Austin Heidt sits down with Mariners newcomer Mika Yamada to find out what high school volleyball is like in Japan, how she balances her busy schedule, and how excited she is for Nationals. The VIU Mariners host the Women’s Volleyball National Championships from March 8 to 11. Find out more information at https://mariners.viu.ca/landing/index. … Continued

RPG Rookies

Have you ever wondered what happens when you pair a room full of people who have never played a roleplaying game with an experienced Dungeon Master? Well, we have answers… Character Illustrations by Celia Brand  

Working Where You Learn

You’ve just checked your bank balance. The numbers are okay, but not great. You groan and pull at your hair in frustration.  I need a job. You spend the next several hours on Indeed, scrolling through jobs and bookmarking the listings you’re interested in—most likely the ones you barely qualify for. Then, you dust off … Continued

Like a Superhero

Caroline Hsu leaves the classroom, rubbing the fatigue from her eyes. She’s spent the last hour working on her assignment, following a three-hour class. Now, she’s going to pick up her son, Hannes, from day care. Hsu climbs the steps and walks up the ramp to the Malaspina Child Care Centre. Children run around the … Continued

Mariners Roundup

The NAV’s Sports Editor, Austin Heidt, interviews VIU Hockey Captain Adam Morton and Assistant Captain Gavin Rauser before the holiday break. Get to know these veteran players at the Nanaimo Ice Centre, the home of the VIU Mariners.  

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