This is the first in a contributor column by Zoe Lauckner. Check back next issue for the latest in Mental Health issues. It’s that time of year again—students new and experienced come together on campus with the goal of learning in mind. Though exciting times for many, university is commonly the most stressful time students have … Continued

Need motivation to hit the gym or eat your greens?

VIU Campus Rec’s successful program Personal Activity Choices and Eating Sensibly (PACES) gives students an incentive to eat healthy and exercise, as well as an opportunity to win prizes. Beginning again on September 28, participants will record their physical activity minutes and fruit and vegetable intake for nine weeks, ending November 27. By recording and … Continued

Fast Fall Recipes

Finding recipes that are quick, easy, and nutritious is hard. Between work, school and life in general, it’s difficult finding new recipes (or finding the time!) to cook something different, especially when it comes to the struggling student. We’ve all been there, wondering what to make for dinner and just not finding anything interesting to … Continued

Nanaimo Community Gardens Society Greenhouse project

The Nanaimo Community Gardens Society (NCGS) is in the running for a $25k funding grant by the Co-op Community Spaces Program. One of four project finalists, NCGS aims to build an educational greenhouse in Beban Park with the additional funding. In hopes of expanding its ongoing projects furthering education on local food production, they will … Continued

Take the time to be mindful and de-stress

VIU’s counselling department is offering new initiatives and workshops to help students combat stress and anxiety, as well as a new room to practice mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation in the Health and Wellness Centre. New this year, the Wellness Series workshops are scheduled group sessions based on the core reasons students go to see counsellors, … Continued

Healthy eating: not as hard as we think

We readily consume sugars, pastries, and meats without much thought in everyday life, not to mention alcoholic beverages. What is a night out without it or a day out with friends without at least some dessert or heavily sugared coffee? Noting our habits broaches tough subjects of food and nutrition. What are we really putting … Continued

Smart Smoothie-Saving Suggestions for Students

Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions and peak fruit season don’t really match up. Therefore, those looking to add some brightness to their breakfast could be only left with in-season winter apples and squash. Here are some tips that I use to ensure I’m packing my smoothies with long-lasting, all-day-in-the-library nutrients.  Freeze your spinach and berries: These … Continued

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