VIU Helps Students Stay Active

So, you’re an active person. You were a frequent sighting at Vancouver Island University’s weight room or participated in intramurals like basketball and volleyball—maybe you even took advantage of VIU’s Outdoor Recreation program. The good news is these options are still open to you, only they’ll look a little different this year. VIU’s weight room … Continued

VIU Mariners Hopeful for Spring Seasons

They all knew the news was coming, but it didn’t soften the blow. Partway through the summer while the world watched COVID-19’s steady spread, players, coaches, and staff of the Vancouver Island University Mariners soccer and golf programs learned their national championships for 2020 were cancelled, along with all competitive play for the fall. Questions … Continued

Comfort Bread

Well, I’ve been waiting for the time when we’re all holed up with time to actually cook. Humour me and give some new recipes a shot in between online classes this week. Besides, is there anything more comforting than a thicc loaf of focaccia bread? Unless you’re GF, in which case please avert your eyes. … Continued

A Hidden Gem: Input Cowork

I’d walked past Input Cowork in the heart of downtown Nanaimo many times before I decided to go inside to check it out. It’s Nanaimo’s only tech and design-focused co-working space, and I was unsure if I would fit in. But upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised.  I was greeted by their Community Manager, Adelaide … Continued

Modo Yoga Nanaimo

Skye Langlois is the studio manager of Modo Yoga in Nanaimo. Modo Yoga has two locations: one on Dufferin Crescent, and the other on Rutherford Road. Langlois has been a yoga teacher since 2015.  “What drew me to yoga was initially vanity. I wanted to be someone else. I wanted to be skinnier. I wanted … Continued

Craft Fare: A Review

Craft Fare is Nanaimo’s newest food and beer spot. It’s a tight space along Commercial Drive in Nanaimo’s downtown. The front is all windows and inside, it’s decorated with textured whitewashed walls, mirrors, and a small succulent garden. There’s bar seating, a few tables for two, and a couple long tables with benches for groups. … Continued

Staying Safe in Spooktober

As summer sunlight slowly slips away, the cool crisp chill crawls up its unsuspecting victim’s spine. The days lose order as they get shorter and as the dead of night approaches, another deadline is missed. Yes, Spooky Season has arrived, and although you might not be chased by goblins, ghouls, or gaseous beings, you could … Continued

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