Issue 8 horoscopes

You heard it here first folks, predictive text is the future of writing horoscopes. LIBRA · Sep 23-Oct 23 As a Libra, I think the first thing that exists is the power of your rhythm and the author of your friends to make sure you are not hot. SCORPIO · Oct 23-Nov 22 I am … Continued

IP pulled pork for an army

Now that the semester is done (except for us sad saps cramming their summer full of courses), it’s time to gather with friends and toast to making it through. And that means you’re going to have to feed a small army. Either because you have a small army worth of people invited or because you … Continued

Issue 7 horoscopes

LIBRA · Sep 23-Oct 23 Libra, I’m going to drop a real truth bomb on you here: you don’t need to please anybody but you. I’ve got three simple rules for you to live by this spring season; live, laugh and love. (Live under a rock, laugh until you pee, love pizza). SCORPIO · Oct … Continued

Yes, you can IP lasagna

I was going to try and write a recipe that wasn’t for the Instant Pot, wondering if I should message my mom and ask her how to make puffed wheat squares. But our graphics team was very adamant I write up the lasagna recipe I was humbly bragging about the other day. And I am … Continued

The sloppiest of joes

The canned stuff is easier, the bagged mix is faster, but if you’re trying to impress someone, making your own sloppy joes is an easy go-to. Pair it with that fancy pan of rice crispy squares you whipped up last issue, and you’ll be looking ridiculously suave. THIS particular recipe has rules. Rules that have … Continued

Diet Wars?

When it comes to the lifestyle decisions of others, I like to think that I’m generally a pretty accepting person. In fact, I’m so accepting that I’ve often been outright disinterested. I’ve never been overly intrigued or appalled by how anyone goes about their lives, no matter how far it lands on my spectrum of … Continued

This is not an Instant Pot recipe

Someone (definitely not our Managing Editor) thought I was writing too many Instant Pot recipes and challenged me to expand my cooking horizons. Jokes on him though—there’s really only one thing I can make outside the Instant Pot at this point: Rice Krispie squares. Even though this is a ridiculously easy recipe, you do get a … Continued

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