Modo Yoga Nanaimo

Skye Langlois is the studio manager of Modo Yoga in Nanaimo. Modo Yoga has two locations: one on Dufferin Crescent, and the other on Rutherford Road. Langlois has been a yoga teacher since 2015.  “What drew me to yoga was initially vanity. I wanted to be someone else. I wanted to be skinnier. I wanted … Continued

Craft Fare: A Review

Craft Fare is Nanaimo’s newest food and beer spot. It’s a tight space along Commercial Drive in Nanaimo’s downtown. The front is all windows and inside, it’s decorated with textured whitewashed walls, mirrors, and a small succulent garden. There’s bar seating, a few tables for two, and a couple long tables with benches for groups. … Continued

Staying Safe in Spooktober

As summer sunlight slowly slips away, the cool crisp chill crawls up its unsuspecting victim’s spine. The days lose order as they get shorter and as the dead of night approaches, another deadline is missed. Yes, Spooky Season has arrived, and although you might not be chased by goblins, ghouls, or gaseous beings, you could … Continued

Issue 8 horoscopes

You heard it here first folks, predictive text is the future of writing horoscopes. LIBRA · Sep 23-Oct 23 As a Libra, I think the first thing that exists is the power of your rhythm and the author of your friends to make sure you are not hot. SCORPIO · Oct 23-Nov 22 I am … Continued

IP pulled pork for an army

Now that the semester is done (except for us sad saps cramming their summer full of courses), it’s time to gather with friends and toast to making it through. And that means you’re going to have to feed a small army. Either because you have a small army worth of people invited or because you … Continued

Issue 7 horoscopes

LIBRA · Sep 23-Oct 23 Libra, I’m going to drop a real truth bomb on you here: you don’t need to please anybody but you. I’ve got three simple rules for you to live by this spring season; live, laugh and love. (Live under a rock, laugh until you pee, love pizza). SCORPIO · Oct … Continued

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