Yes, you can IP lasagna

I was going to try and write a recipe that wasn’t for the Instant Pot, wondering if I should message my mom and ask her how to make puffed wheat squares. But our graphics team was very adamant I write up the lasagna recipe I was humbly bragging about the other day. And I am … Continued

The sloppiest of joes

The canned stuff is easier, the bagged mix is faster, but if you’re trying to impress someone, making your own sloppy joes is an easy go-to. Pair it with that fancy pan of rice crispy squares you whipped up last issue, and you’ll be looking ridiculously suave. THIS particular recipe has rules. Rules that have … Continued

Diet Wars?

When it comes to the lifestyle decisions of others, I like to think that I’m generally a pretty accepting person. In fact, I’m so accepting that I’ve often been outright disinterested. I’ve never been overly intrigued or appalled by how anyone goes about their lives, no matter how far it lands on my spectrum of … Continued

This is not an Instant Pot recipe

Someone (definitely not our Managing Editor) thought I was writing too many Instant Pot recipes and challenged me to expand my cooking horizons. Jokes on him though—there’s really only one thing I can make outside the Instant Pot at this point: Rice Krispie squares. Even though this is a ridiculously easy recipe, you do get a … Continued

That Instant Pot pasta dish

I get it, you’re sitting here wondering “why the hell does this dude keep posting recipes for an InstantPot? What the hell kind of university student has access to one of these beasts?” What I’m saying is that you need to just succumb to the trend and figure out how to get your hands on … Continued

Finding my way om

Rewind to eight years ago. I’ve just returned from my first time travelling overseas. I’m buying new pants and my eyes are bloodshot from the continual hangover. Needless to say, I’m not doing so hot. I had known from a young age that I would travel extensively. Number one on the list was India. This … Continued

Instant Pot potato soup recipe

The idea that a university student dragged an Instant Pot to dorms has gotten a chuckle here and there; but I am quickly learning the power of the multi-function unit. Nothing beats setting food on the slow-cooker function and then heading to a six-hour time block knowing that supper will be ready for me when … Continued

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