Mariners Announce Recreation Return

Mariners Athletics & Recreation has reopened the weight room and gym floor in the VIU Gymnasium as of January 11. Outdoor events are also back on schedule. The announcement was made on the Mariners website on January 7—one day before the BC government extended its COVID-19 restrictions on team sports and gatherings to February 5. … Continued


Thousands of VIU students are readying themselves for another semester of online courses, a restricted campus, and necessary isolation from their friends and classmates. People reflecting to me on their post-secondary school experience often remark on the sense of community it brought them; how part of their identity was forged before turning fully to a … Continued

Pandemic Spending

I press the checkout button and a familiar giddiness rushes over me. My laptop pings—it’s an email telling me my purchase has been confirmed and will be shipped shortly. The countdown begins. Among the many aspects of life that the COVID-19 pandemic will change forever, the way we spend our money seems to be one … Continued

Jon Bethell

On resilience: “How a person responds in the face of adversity is based on numerous factors, such as your support system (family and close friends), self-confidence, ability to communicate [feelings], and more.” —Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Jon Bethell and I are sitting across from each other outside a coffee shop in downtown Nanaimo. I sip … Continued

The Art and Science of Human Movement:

Les Malbon, professor of kinesiology at VIU, is excited to see the program he’s taught for over 40 years continue to grow. VIU’s Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education became Bachelor of Kinesiology in September 2020—a move that better reflects the program’s content and student interests, Malbon said in a VIU press release. Malbon will … Continued

December Horoscopes

Aries (March 21 to April 19) The stars see that you are determined to finish all of your final projects before their due dates. Congratulations on that, but be patient with your Aquarian friends that are probably procrastinating. Take this time to become their number one best friend by bringing them late-night Slurpees and mid-day … Continued

DIY Holiday Decorations

While we’re all still spending lots of time at home and surely have moved on from making homemade bread, creating your own Christmas ornaments is a time consuming DIY project that will give you that same sense of accomplishment, not to mention it’s affordable and eco-friendly. Christmas decorations can get pricey and it’s easy to … Continued

BC Suspends Team Sports

Sports are off the table in BC, indefinitely. The province has put a hold on all adult (19+) indoor and outdoor team sports due to climbing COVID-19 cases, Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced Wednesday, December 2. All other indoor group physical activity has also been suspended. The decision came in step with VIU’s extension … Continued

Andrea Čanković

Andrea Čanković has had a wild year. In February 2020 she guided the VIU Mariners women’s volleyball team to provincial gold as co-captain, marking the third straight Pacific Western Athletic Association (PACWEST) title for her and the club. A month later, under the looming threat of cancellation due to COVID-19, Čanković and her teammates celebrated … Continued

Escape With Podcasts

It’s almost the holidays and COVID-19 season drags on. There won’t be any traveling to visit relatives or sitting down over a ham to debate your extended family over something trivial. Time off with nothing to do is a recipe for boredom. How to remedy the yawning and dead-eyed stares that are sure to come? … Continued

Communicate Through Your Mask

As I sit in the VIU library—my favourite place to get work done—it is now mandatory to wear a face mask at all times. This is fine by me, as mask-wearing is a critical factor in minimizing the spread of COVID-19, but I can’t help but think should I even be here?  In speaking to … Continued

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