Gearing Up

Buckle up—there’s a new club on campus. The VIU Car Enthusiasts Club, started in January 2022, is currently the fifth car club at any of BC’s postsecondary institutions, according to founder and president Samantha Allan. Allan explained the process getting the club underway: “I started brainstorming and then the brainstorming expanded and expanded, until it … Continued

Dancing Back to Normal

It was Halloween night 2019, and a group of friends and I went to downtown Nanaimo to get our spook on. By 10 pm, the line up to Level2 nightclub stretched down the block. This was fine with us, though—right next door, we knew that the less-packed Old City Station had space to dance inside. … Continued

Leading by Example

*The dialogue in this article was edited for clarity*   Women make up 50 percent of the population in Canada, yet this number does not represent leadership positions across the country. In a 2021 study from Stats Canada, it was found that there are fewer women in top decision-making roles. Women were more than two … Continued

The Mariners’ Voyage to The Greatest Stage

After years of waiting, VIU will finally host the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Women’s Basketball Nationals from March 25–27. VIU was initially going to host the event in 2020; however, the outbreak of COVID-19 sidelined those plans. For some, it represents a second chance, one that resembles “normal life”—what should have been. But for … Continued

VIU’s Volunteer Tutor Program

I joined the VIU Volunteer Tutor Program last August because I was feeling a bit purposeless. I wanted to do something that helped people in a real and immediate way. After tutoring a bit in high school, I felt ready to do it again. The application process was easy. I reached out to the coordinator, … Continued

A Deep Cut into Hairstyling at VIU

VIU is like a contained, thriving community. You can get your car fixed on campus, dine-in with a gourmet meal at The Discovery Room, or even get your hair cut. There are over 20 trade and technical field programs at VIU, and yet they can still be overlooked by the wider student population. Ocea Corfield … Continued

What is Love?

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. Chocolates and flowers are flying off the shelves like hot cakes, and stores are lined in red, pink, and white. Couples everywhere are planning romantic dates, buying cute gifts, and walking around with cartoon hearts in their eyes. While that’s all well and good, Valentine’s Day can feel like a … Continued


Music is a powerful thing—it brings people together, motivates us to keep going, and allows us to truly be ourselves. Music isn’t confined to a single genre, or length, and it most certainly doesn’t have an age limit.  SoundWave, a choir like no other, proves that. Holly Wright was born with a burning desire to … Continued

New Year, and You’re Still You

As January nears its end, I can’t help but reflect on the month and how well I have followed my New Year’s resolutions. My resolutions for 2022 were pretty typical for me. I wanted to go to the gym five times a week, eat super healthy, journal more, hike once a week, identify plants, knit … Continued

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