Cooking with Kenna Deo

Join Mike as he follows Kenna Deo through making a delicious date night meal. Kenna is a recent VIU Grad who was the champion of Season 2 Episode 4 of the Food Networks Wall of Chefs. Kenna prepares a delicious meal of Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo with tomatoes, asparagus, and fresh baked focaccia bread. Follow along … Continued

Acclimatizing to Change

Canada issued a ban on the manufacture and import of plastics in December of last year. By December 2023, all non-reusable plastic materials such as checkout bags, cutlery, and foodservice ware can no longer be purchased or sold. Though Canadians throw away over three million tons of plastic waste every year, only nine percent of … Continued

Unheard and Uninformed: Part Two

This is part two of a two-part inquiry into the restraints placed on female bodies and sexuality.   Editor’s note: Myself and the two women who’s experiences I share in this article are cis-gendered. The vast majority of sexual education in Canada refers to heterosexual people, meaning there are woefully few educational tools for the … Continued

Dear Professors,

I’m sitting in the $800 bedroom I’m renting. I hear my four other roommates in the rooms around me. My back aches from the $5 stool I bought on Facebook Marketplace. My Zoom camera is turned off to hide the tears streaming down my face.  My education is supposed to be my priority, but my … Continued

Opinion: Sorry, Space Cowboy

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Cowboy Bebop (1998) and Cowboy Bebop (2021).   Netflix remakes are usually a bad idea. It’s definitely not a good sign when the creators cancel the series after just the first season. I’m talking about Cowboy Bebop (2021), a remake of the 1998 Space Western anime. Both the original … Continued

Baking for the Holidays

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year—and perhaps the busiest for VIU’s Professional Baking and Pastry Arts department. The department went through an intensive two weeks of holiday baking in early December to fulfill approximately $15k worth of orders for the VIU and Nanaimo community. The holiday delicacies range from classic … Continued

Spider’s Web Dip

I love Halloween. I get to dress up, decorate my house, watch scary movies, and sneak from the candy bowl that I’m supposed to give the trick or treat-ers. But my favourite part of Halloween is making the snacks, which comes—in large part—from my mom.  She is the most extra of Halloween moms. Our front … Continued

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