Navigator offers unparalleled work experience for students, a casual yet professional office environment, only one scheduled shift a month, good times, and regular salary paycheques. 

Features Editor

The Features Editor is responsible for composing the four-page Features section. This section contains long-form features, opinion pieces, and creative non-fiction. The Features editor produces written content and/or edits contributor content for their section. Those with editing experience or at least one year of creative writing courses will be given preference.

Online Reporter

The Online Reporter is responsible for creating online content for (at least two articles per month). This is a work-op position. Applicants for Online Reporter should be driven, organized, and comfortable working both independently and with a team. Those with editing experience or at least one year of creative writing courses, experience working with WordPress, and/or a course in journalism will be given preference.

Arts Editor

The Arts Editor is responsible for the four-page Arts section. This section contains creative-community news, movie/music/book reviews, upcoming arts-related events, band interviews, as well as poetry and short fiction submissions. The Arts Editor produces written content and/or contributor content for their section. They solicit submissions from students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Those with editing experience or at least one year of creative writing classes will be given preference.

Graphic Design Assistants

Graphic Design Assistants are responsible for page layout, helping source content if needed, and occasional cover design. Illustration, Photoshop skills, and a working knowledge of InDesign are assets. Applicants for Graphic Design Assistants should be comfortable working with a team. This is a work-op position and preference will be given to students in the Graphic Design program.

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