A reminder to all Navigator contributors for the 2011/2012 school year: all checks must be picked up no later than April 30, 2011. After that, any outstanding checks will be canceled. A check will have been issued to you if you were a VIU student and you contributed to Navigator. Checks can be picked up at the Navigator office, building 193. You do not need to arrange to pick them up. Building 193 is open 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday-Friday. Many thanks to all our contributors. See you in September!

Submit Your Stories to the Navigator!

We are always interested in a wide range of topics, assuring that they are timely, relevant, and of interest to our readers. Whether you want to start building your portfolio, bring attention to an interesting topic, or just have something to say, the Nav. wants to hear from you. Students at VIU even get paid for their contributions!

Send queries to editor@thenav.ca

Only stories and photographs appropriate for a student newspaper will be considered. If an article you submit to the Navigator is accepted for publication, please be mindful that it is common practice to not send a duplicate article to other publications for print.

2011/2012 Contributor Deadlines:

Issue 1: August 28th
Issue 2: September 11th
Issue 3: September 25th
Issue 4: October 9th
Issue 5: October 24th
Issue 6: November 7th
Issue 7: November 20th
Issue 8: January 1st
Issue 9: January 15th
Issue 10: January 29th
Issue 11: February 12th
Issue 12: February 26th
Issue 13: March 12th
Issue 14: March 26th

No Summer Issues.

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