Universal access and gender neutral facilities

Fall 2018 saw the opening of VIU’s new Health and Science Centre (HSC), a state-of-the-art facility now home to many of the university’s Health and Chemistry programs which offers high-end amenities for future students. There are already plans in place to further improve the building. What might surprise some is that the potential next step … Continued

Disabled students on ableism at VIU

Disabled students share their experiences with inaccessibility and discrimination at VIU Ableism, like many other systems of oppression and marginalization, is a complex and nuanced concept. A simple way to understand ableism is to think of it as discrimination against disabled people, whether intentional or not. As I take the time to educate myself on … Continued

Standardized testing is so last decade

At least, it should be. The Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) was introduced to grade four and seven BC students in 1998 to replace the census tests that were given to a random sample of students. And, apparently, the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) has opposed the FSA ever since, arguing that the test disrupts classroom learning, … Continued

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