Opening the doors: ABE funding update

While the BC government is still refusing to fund Adult Basic Education (ABE), the VIUSU has been making steady progress in gaining support from several city councils. ABE programs provide high school equivalent courses for citizens returning to school for retraining and upgrading, which include adult special education and basic literacy programs. ABE has been … Continued

Hope for Adult Basic Education funding

After a province-wide consultation process this fall, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services has endorsed students’ call for more accessible education and the restoration of funding to Adult Basic Education (ABE). This endorsement comes from a recommendation to the government by the Liberal and NDP members of the Committee to build the budget based on what citizens have shown they want to … Continued

Students react to ABE funding cuts

A decision by the Liberal Government to cut Adult Basic Education (ABE) funding and bring back tuition fees has caused outrage among many VIU students and staff. “This is largely affecting people who already have so many obstacles in their life,” said Patrick Barbosa, Chief Returning Officer of the VIU Students’ Union. “Up to 20 … Continued

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