Fish farm fundamentals

Fish farming is a young industry on the BC coast. It started originally with ‘mom and pop’ run farms in the 1970s, to supplement the market demand. Since then, the industry has become a cornerstone of BC’s agricultural exports, but with that have come a lot of negative associations. In regions along BC’s coast and … Continued

Digging Up Our Ghosts: BC’s resource history

Above: Selkirk Mountains via The Canadian Encyclopedia  By contributor Chantelle Spicer Over the Labour Day weekend, my partner and I set out into the Selkirk Mountains and delve into some of the human history of our province—ghost towns in BC’s famed “Valley of Ghosts.” This area was part of a boom of development and resource … Continued

Celebrity endorsements

Celebrity endorsements Recently, the wolf cull in the peace region of BC has caught the attention of two celebrities, who have used their status to share the cause with their fans through social media. Miley Cyrus recently made a secret trip to Klemtu, BC to visit with locals after she learned of the five-year plan … Continued

Rough sailing for Buccaneers as playoffs approach

As the Vancouver Island JR Hockey League regular season enters its final week, the playoff picture is starting to become clearer for the Nanaimo Buccaneers. It’s starting to look as though the team will begin the playoffs on the road as the third seed in the North Division. It has been apparent for a while … Continued

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