Photo Essay: Hummingbird nest

It’s spring, and bird nests are popping up everywhere in Nanaimo. Some, however, are harder to spot than others. A mere one inch tall, Anna’s hummingbird nests are well-camouflaged, made of leaves, moss, cattail, and other plant materials. The female takes about a week to build it and uses spider webs to bind it together. … Continued

Visual Arts x Natural History

By contributor James MacKinnon Students, staff, and the public are invited to the grand opening of the “Nature in the Arts” display at VIU’s Museum of Natural History on Tuesday, March 8. This event marks the beginning of a three-week display of artwork inspired by the natural world, created by students and faculty members from … Continued

VIU Museum of Natural History: Winter birding

By contributor James Mackinnon The excuses are endless: “The weather is too nasty,” “Everything’s gone away for the winter,” “I just got a sweet Playstation for Christmas.” During the colder months, it’s easy to be deterred from getting out for a hike or an expedition in search of the plant and wildlife the Nanaimo area … Continued

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