Canada World Youth farewell show

On Friday, January 2, 18 Indonesian and Canadian exchange students threw a community farewell party at St. Paul’s Anglican Church for the program’s host families, volunteer work placement partners, and other supporters of CWY. Don’t forget to check out Voices from Canada World Youth: Indonesia and Canada.  [slideshow_deploy id=’6636′]

Voices from Canada World Youth: Canada

By contributor Donovan Simpson. You can also read the Indonesian perspective here. View the farewell here. Canada: My Canada World Youth Leaders In Action adventure so far has been phenomenal. The journey began in early October when I left the cold Northwest Territories and arrived in a camp near Cowichan Lake where the orientation took place. I met … Continued

Voices from Canada World Youth: Indonesia

By contributor Rihaf Husen. You can also read the Canadian perspective here. View the farewell here. Indonesia: This year I feel so grateful to get the opportunity to join Canada World Youth–Menpora youth exchange. I’ve been waiting to join this program since 2012, but I got the chance to follow the selection process in May 2014. … Continued

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