Federal budget impacts on students

Youth support was a large focus for Justin Trudeau during the election, but it is still in question whether the Liberals will fully deliver on their campaign promises. The recent release of the federal budget gives us some insight to the road to come for students and youth for the 2016-’17 tax year and beyond. … Continued

Let’s Get Consensual: Building the campaign

VIU’s Let’s Get Consensual Campaign is paving the road for progress in combating sexual assault. In September, VIUSU’s Women’s Representative Connie Graham announced she wanted to follow in the footsteps of the UVic campaign and build a stronger presence of informative actions on the reality of sexual assault on campus. Now, through the VIU Women’s … Continued

BC minimum wage workers left in poverty

The BC government refuses to increase minimum wage enough to keep working people above the poverty line, despite calls for an increase from British Columbians. Instead, the provincial government has announced that it will increase the minimum wage by 20 cents in September, and link it to BC’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation increases annually. … Continued

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