Cannabis addiction is real

“You can’t get addicted to cannabis.” It’s a common belief that, at least anecdotally, I’ve long known isn’t true. I’ve watched a friend, fresh out of weed and desperate to get high, comb his carpet with a flashlight in hopes of finding tiny bits of bud. I’ve watched another friend, penniless from his daily toking … Continued

VIU cannabis panel

October 17, 2018 will mark the end of cannabis prohibition in Canada. We gathered folks from the Medical Cannabis Research Institute (MCRI), a nurse practitioner (NP), and a youth councillor (YC) and asked them some questions about cannabis. Medical cannabis will continued to be regulated by Health Canada and prescribed by medical professionals while recreational … Continued

The Chinese food heist

I was sweaty. The sun pressed into my pale neck as I dragged my way to my friend’s house. As usual, I was overdressed, wearing multiple layers despite the heat. It was a habit I had indulged in for years. I was the kid in July wearing jeans, a t-shirt, a button-up, and possibly a … Continued

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