Dirtyin’ the Nav: Communicating desire

By Diana Pearson Let’s be clear: consent really is as simple as a yes or no. But the catchy taglines don’t acknowledge the subtleties and complexities of sexual desire. How does one interpret body language, and resist making assumptions based on previous sexual experience? What about feelings of vulnerability that make it hard to communicate exactly … Continued

VIU Professor to speak about Indian Residential Schools

By contributor John Hill The Indian Residential School (IRS) system has become more familiar to Canadians in recent years, but the terrible aims of the schools, the abuses that occurred there, and the sheer scale of the project remain hard to grasp. At 10 a.m. on February 19 in the Malaspina Theatre, Professor Laurie Meijer Drees … Continued

Get Consensual

VIUSU Women’s Representative Connie Graham wants to bring a Let’s Get Consensual campaign to VIU. Let’s Get Consensual is a campaign created by the University of Victoria (UVic), the UVic Student Society, and the Anti-Violence Project aimed at combatting rape culture and sexual violence. “It’s holistically-based and organizes consent workshops,” Graham said. “It also challenges … Continued

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