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 Cineplex Entertainment has announced that all seats at Galaxy Cinemas are to be replaced with automatic recliners, which will be phased in over the next several months. The movie theatre will remain open to the public throughout the renovations. Where All eight auditoriums of the … Continued

Health and Wellness Clinic coming to VIU Nanaimo campus

A student health clinic will soon be opening on VIU’s Nanaimo campus. Dr. Carrie Chassels, Executive Director of Student Affairs, said the VIU Health and Wellness Clinic is expected to begin providing services the week of May 5, with a grand opening planned for a later date. The clinic will be open exclusively for all … Continued

Construction on VIU campus

Renovations on campus have been underway since October 2014 to make improvements on both the exterior and interior of bldg 200. Inside the building, the top floor is being renovated to accommodate a new Health and Wellness Clinic, which will serve as a walk-in clinic for VIU students, said project manager Craig Hanson. “The desire … Continued

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