Colored eggs lay nestled  under the trees outside my window. Sleep lingered on my tongue    as a haze of muted voices  filled the air—like my blanket, so soft; growing heavy.   My mother’s wet eyes pierced   the mist in my mind. The sleep soured on my tongue   as the bundle in her arms … Continued

This Woman is Free

How do you live so freely? So untangled from societal reigns? Well, my mother taught me the independence of a woman. When a man leaves, he mustn’t take your spirit— it must strengthen with the wind that carried him away, like my father, who was willingly swallowed by the cigarette shop, who willingly stepped into … Continued

Impressions of Japan

Shinkansen Silent sleek ghost train Slices through so much busyness; Inside all is calm. Tokyo Izakaya  Tasty snacks sizzle, Tipsy salarymen smile, While Chet Baker sings. Karakuen Autumn colours blaze, Streams burble, scent of pine wafts; Perfect harmony. Fujisan Sacred peak reflects In the smoothness of the lake; Eternity looms. Zen Garden Lonely rocks stranded … Continued

Malecon Quinceanera

The chrome Indian head of a black  ’49 Pontiac Chieftain Coupe, shimmers in the late afternoon sun. My Dad had one fifty years ago; it had leaky brakes and sometimes he had  to angle it against the curb to stop it. It must have died long ago, but here, frozen in time, this one glides … Continued

When I Stopped Clapping

In a one-room schoolhouse a cast iron pot belly stove burned through great stacks of wood and sometimes mice whose necks had snapped in shiny steel traps.   We all cheered and clapped when our hero  dangled them by their tails  and flung their tiny corpses into the fire.   He was a lanky man … Continued


It took Lydia five minutes to pry Pointer away from the door, where he growled and barked incessantly. With one hand buried in his silken gold coat she cracked the door with the other, the dog howling in distress. “Can’t you read?” Lydia yelled over the wails from Pointer, and then flung the door open.  … Continued

Album Review: Mac Demarco – Salad Days

By contributor Drew McLachlan A focus on earnestness and honesty in an artist’s work can illuminate their life in the same way a journal, biography, or folder of leaked nudes would. Such an album reflects the artist in completion—at that time at least. But to compare an album to a journal, biography, or folder of … Continued

Album Review: Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

By contributor Jenny Garceau A muted symphonic swell gives way to the familiar diced up jazz fusion sound that is undeniably Flying Lotus (aka FlyLo). You’re Dead! is FlyLo’s fifth album, and while the title would be indicative of the overarching theme of this album, special attention should be given to the exclamation mark at … Continued

Movie review: Winter Sleep

By contributor Spencer Wilson In literature, it is common practice to play on the imagination of the reader. The same could be said about watching a Nuri Bilge Ceylan film. Ceylan is a master of using silence in his films, such that the viewer must imagine what a character is feeling. He is a combination … Continued

Why poetry matters

By contributor Jennifer Cox Poetry matters. It gives voice to certain intimacy and connections that would otherwise be lost. When I read a poem that resonates I feel like I have found a long lost friend. It is akin to that feeling you get when you run into someone you’ve shared a deep connection with, … Continued

Why Ello is Dumb and So Are You

Op-ed by Contributor Philip Gordon Those who are abreast of the latest in technosocial fervour (which seems to be everyone these days) might have heard of Ello, a new social media site which has recently become available in its beta stage by way of invite only. Ello describes itself as “a simple, beautiful, and ad-free … Continued

Mobilizing the March for the Climate

Contributor Chantelle Spicer shows Nanaimo’s broader vision of sustainability. Sustainability is a real buzzword right now, flying around many communities, industries, and our own university. It touches everyday life when we look at waste reduction, housing, and timber. It is at the heart of many movements, including one that happened recently in our own city. … Continued

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