Poetry: Point

By contributor Elaine Lay. Elaine is a new Canadian, born and raised mostly in the Philippines. She graduated Dalhousie University a year ago with a B.A. in English, minor in Classics, and is now taking Creative Writing at VIU. The poem was originally titled The Truth and was inspired by Audiomachine’s soundtrack of the same name, as well … Continued

Poetry: Fire…

By contributor Emery Konst. Emery is an English major focusing on fiction and poetry. Besides reading and writing in her hammock, she enjoys annoying the neighbors with her loud music. Her poem, Fire…,was forged from a dream about mountain rock, dawning sky, and an eternal fire. Fire… burning embers crackle upon slabs of cold stone its fiery … Continued

Zombie Walk

By contributor Drew McLachlan Over 40 people joined the horde on September 14 for the Nanaimo Zombie Walk. Clad in undead makeup, the group walked through downtown, from Port Place Mall to Maffeo Sutton park. [slideshow_deploy id=’5730′]

VIUSU Club Fair

By contributor Drew McLachlan VIU’s growing number of clubs offer students a chance to share their interests, spread awareness, and meet new people. A selection of the university’s 50 clubs and unions assembled in the upper cafeteria on September 17 for the VIU Students’ Union’s annual Club Fair, showing students what they have to offer. … Continued

Affordable dorm decorating

By contributor Shaleeta Harper Okay, campus dwellers: you’ve been in class for about three weeks now, so it’s time to put away the suitcases and personalize your living quarters. I’ve never actually been blessed with life in the dorms, but from the ones I’ve visited, I’ve found it’s not so different from the teeny apartment … Continued

Café review: Jumpin’ Java

By contributor Shaleeta Harper They say it right under the name—Jumpin’ Java is a coffee and tea oasis on VIU’s Nanaimo campus.  Anyone—student or professor—with an early Monday class knows how gratifying it is to snag a cup en route. Jumpin’ Java is a necessity, and the line-up between classes proves it.  Like an actual … Continued

Movie Review: Frank

By contributor Spencer Wilson Frank Sidebottom was the alter ego of British musician and comedian Chris Sievey. Although the head used in the film is unmistakably alike to Sidebottom’s, the story manages to intertwine elements from the lives of Daniel Johnston, Captain Beefheart, and Jon Ronson (one of the co-writers who played keyboard in Sidebottom’s … Continued

My Honoured Fellow Native People

By contributor Jennifer Garceau  A drum beat slowly grows louder as CHLY’s “Si’ em’ nu Ts ‘lhhwulmuhw” (My Honoured Fellow Native People) radio show gets under way. It is hosted each week by Geraldine Manson, Natasha Bob, and Kenny Brault with frequent guest co-hosts such as Devon Pielle and Buffi David. Brault is already a … Continued

Movie Review: Boyhood

Contributor Spencer Wilson dives into the highest rated film of the year–one that took 12 years to make. It’s easy to hear about this film and think it will come off as a gimmick: a film following a boy from ages six to 18 which uses the same cast to depict the process of aging. … Continued

Cafe Review: Blenz

Contributor Shaleeta Harper reviews local cafe, Blenz.  Students are pretty well known drug addicts.  Many of us can’t get through those 8 am classes without clutching a cup of caffeine. My addiction is minor compared to some of my peers, but it’s still typical to find me doing my homework in a coffee shop, the … Continued

The Fringe Experience

Contributing Editor Jennifer Garceau gives us insight into the 2014 Nanaimo Fringe festival. For more On The Fringe, check out our mini-reviews, and our interview with Festival Producer Chelsee Damen.  An evening of work can be unpredictable at a café in downtown Nanaimo with a liquor license. There’s a mix of artists, working class, upper … Continued

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