The kids aren’t alright

Back in 2014, a study by the American Psychological Association found that teens reported higher stress levels than adults, especially during the school year. In 2019, the Pew Research Centre found that 70 percent of teens reported anxiety and depression as a major problem among their peers. We know young people are stressed the hell … Continued

Ten tips to survive depression

I want to recover from depression someday. If you have depression, you probably do as well. Depression sucks. So does a lot of advice on how to handle it. Well-meaning friends and family who’ve never experienced depression and its painful, boring drudgery offer up gems such as think positive thoughts or buck up, lots of … Continued

Adjusting to university life

It’s widely acknowledged that university is stressful. Not only can the courses be difficult, but many university students are also balancing part-time jobs and other responsibilities. They may be living on their own for the first time and attempting to navigate their way into a new social environment. It’s stressful, and that stress may manifest … Continued

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