Clearing the air on scent sensitivity

Do you wear cologne every day? How about hairspray? Many people carry hand sanitizer, and almost everyone wears deodorant. In any public place, it would be a challenge to not come into close proximity to the large percentage of people who use these products as part of everyday hygiene preparation. Now, imagine how your life … Continued

Identifying ableism

During a recent scroll through my Twitter feed, I noticed writer and artist Ace Ratcliff had responded to a tweet that read, “i don’t know what ableism is. are you suggesting another minority group that is being marginalized now? is the implication that ‘able’ folks discriminate against ‘disabled’ folks? i hardly think that is likely … Continued

VIU student leads Disabled Voices anthology

Last school year, VIU student Sarah Packwood pitched the idea for a disability-focused anthology during a class presentation from local publishing house Rebel Mountain Press. Lori Shwydky and Cheryl Ann Kelly of Rebel Mountain Press showed immediate interest, and plans for the anthology were set in motion. Packwood was willing to answer The Nav’s questions … Continued

Disabled students on ableism at VIU

Disabled students share their experiences with inaccessibility and discrimination at VIU Ableism, like many other systems of oppression and marginalization, is a complex and nuanced concept. A simple way to understand ableism is to think of it as discrimination against disabled people, whether intentional or not. As I take the time to educate myself on … Continued

Work-Able internship aims to shift work force

It’s March, and the Work-Able internship is open for applications for the 2018–2019 year. The twelve-month program gives disabled individuals the opportunity to work in BC’s public service. Applicants to the program must reside in BC, self-identify as an individual with a disability, provide medical documentation, and give proof of graduation from a recognized post-secondary … Continued

What’s ableism?

I first heard the term “ableism” at the Nanaimo Women’s March last January. VIU’s Student Union was handing out pins. One said, “Unlearn racism,” another said, “Unlearn ableism.” It’s hard to unlearn something you don’t know, I remember thinking. Ableism, as I later found out, is the discrimination against people with disabilities. While the term … Continued

And full community inclusion for all

As far as rights for people with disabilities have come, there’s still a long way to go. Full equality and inclusion are becoming closer to reality in 2014; wheelchair-accessibility has become a given, and businesses are starting to embrace this incredibly capable, but formerly un-tapped, workforce. This wasn’t the case in 1976 when the United … Continued

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