Ignorant Canadian goes to ‘Murica…again

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates I recently got back from the city so nice, they named it twice: New York, New York. NYC. The Big Apple. Between this and my roadtrip to Oregon this past summer, I find it a little strange how I’ve visited the States twice in less than a year, given that … Continued

Political Satire: When is it too much?

Above: 📷 Courtesy of Huffington Post By Arts Editor Cheryl Folland Buzzfeed, Saturday Night Live, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Facebook memes, and parody Twitter accounts have been pumping out satirical images and articles for years. It’s arguable that this past year contained some of the largest political scandals in recent memory, from the Black Lives … Continued

VIU professor leads Nanaimo March on Washington

Above: Hamdi Aweys gave an impassioned speech on the plight of women in her home country of Somalia. 📷 Paul Marck By News Editor Aislinn Cottell Sonnet L’Abbé, poet and professor at Vancouver Island University, had never organized a protest march. She didn’t necessarily identify as an activist, albeit having attended several such events in the past. A … Continued

La vie en Trump

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau Mes pensées sont avec les Québécois pendant ce temps tragique. Nous sommes avec vous. My thoughts are with the Québécois during this time of tragedy. We are with you. Il est un étudiant, ils étaient des professeurs, des hommes.   He is a student, they were professors, men.   Je ne peux que partager mes sentiments … Continued

Creating “normal”

Above: 📷 iStockPhoto By contributor Chantelle Spicer Things have seemed a little unsettled, crazy, wacky, absurd, scary, but, above all, the activities of North America have felt the exact opposite of normal over the past few weeks. I am already exhausted from the constant upsetting headlines coming out of the Oval Office this week, as well as … Continued

#DisruptJ20: The resistance

Above: 📷 iStockPhoto By Josha Chumsa-Jones By now I hope you have participated in or are least aware of the events on January 20 and 21. You may have also seen the hashtags “#InaugurateTheResistance,” “#J20Resist,” or “#DisruptJ20” floating around the news and social media. In case you are unaware, these hashtags refer to the various actions across … Continued

Listen to Leo

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates Sometimes I worry people are getting sick of hearing about climate change and the environment’s bleak future. At times it seems like there is nothing we can do that will really slow or stop the process because the Big Dogs’ power is just too strong. But I’m going to talk … Continued

Cheeto Benito

By contributor Arjan Singh Manhas For most of us, United States politics seems so far Canadian politics is our forté Kicking our southern neighbours for the rise of the orange Cheeto Trump represents the worst of American politics Regarding race, he is deplorable Donald Uninspiring to the masses Misogyny is rampant at his rallies Please … Continued

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