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Are you passionate about keeping your classmates informed? Do you strive to meet deadlines? Have you taken CREW 100 Introduction to Journalism or a relevant media studies course? If your answer to all three of these questions is yes, then one of The Nav’s upcoming positions might be for you.

Editorial standards

It’s been the punchline of late-night comics for over a year now, but fake news is not a joke. The implications of spreading a false story are quite serious. Not only can fake news stories mislead readers, they can impact communities. In Issue Four of the Navigator, we published an article, “Who and What Is … Continued

Surprise me

I don’t find anything surprising these days. I suppose “anything” is an easily disputable exaggeration. Still, everything that happens seems to have happened before. Nothing feels original. Even new, unique creations are referential in some way. Maybe the world has run out of new ideas. I’ve thought of many things that I believed were unique … Continued

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