The Nav’s Board of Directors Are Up For Election

All VIU students, alumni, faculty, and staff have until Saturday at noon to vote for who they would like to sit on The Navigator’s Board of Directors this year. The Navigator—The Nav for short—was founded in 1969 and ran as a print newspaper until 2017, when its in-print format transitioned into a full colour 40-page … Continued

MLA Candidates for Provincial Election

As much as we would love it if choosing our MLAs for the upcoming provincial election was as easy as choosing a character for a game of Super Smash Bros., it’s an often confusing process—and some may not even know what an MLA is. The legislature of British Columbia is made up of the Lieutenant … Continued

Unicorn Chaser: Eyebleach for the fall season

After making it through the Federal Election Campaign—78 days that felt more like nine months, which is about the time it takes to grow a baby—I think we can all use a Unicorn Chaser. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Unicorn Chaser is a term coined when, after scanning social media and news headlines filled … Continued

Website promotes dialogue to encourage voter turnout

A new website has launched which encourages dialogue as a way to increase BC’s low voter turnout. Patrick Lee founded ‘Promote the Vote,’ a non-partisan, non-profit, volunteer-run campaign in an attempt to get an increase in voter turnout for the upcoming municipal elections. Lee said he started Promote the Vote because of his concern in … Continued

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