MLA Candidates for Provincial Election

As much as we would love it if choosing our MLAs for the upcoming provincial election was as easy as choosing a character for a game of Super Smash Bros., it’s an often confusing process—and some may not even know what an MLA is. The legislature of British Columbia is made up of the Lieutenant … Continued

Unicorn Chaser: Eyebleach for the fall season

After making it through the Federal Election Campaign—78 days that felt more like nine months, which is about the time it takes to grow a baby—I think we can all use a Unicorn Chaser. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Unicorn Chaser is a term coined when, after scanning social media and news headlines filled … Continued

Website promotes dialogue to encourage voter turnout

A new website has launched which encourages dialogue as a way to increase BC’s low voter turnout. Patrick Lee founded ‘Promote the Vote,’ a non-partisan, non-profit, volunteer-run campaign in an attempt to get an increase in voter turnout for the upcoming municipal elections. Lee said he started Promote the Vote because of his concern in … Continued

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