The dam story

By contributor Chantelle Spicer British Columbia—the early 1800s. Colonization by the Europeans has not yet begun. Ecosystems are in their natural state or managed under the sustainable ideals of the numerous First Nations bands across the province; populations of all animals flourish in their natural balance. River systems run in an unimpeded web for thousands … Continued

Natural world shines under Thoreau’s lens

By contributor Chantelle Spicer Since Thoreau’s publication of Walden in 1854, a subversive movement has rippled through the generations based on humanity’s inherit connection to the land. Finding roots in the 1960s movement, the back-to-the-land mentality has continued into today’s culture where it is flourishing 161 years later. Even this morning, awakening to a glowing … Continued

Art and Activism

By contributor Chantelle Spicer. A major challenge in starting and maintaining social movements—political, environmental, humanitarian, or any combination thereof—is engaging people to get involved, as well as staying motivated. Successful social activism rests on the ability to provoke people’s perceptions, thoughts, and actions in positive and innovative ways. By joining with artistic and activist communities, … Continued

Nanaimo-Ladysmith NDP address environmental plans

Sheila Malcolmson and Megan Leslie at the February 16 town hall event. NDP Deputy Leader and Environment Critic Megan Leslie and Nanaimo-Ladysmith NDP candidate Sheila Malcolmson spoke about the party’s environmental initiatives at a town hall event on February 16. “NDP is the only party that has a bill to meet greenhouse gas emission targets … Continued

VIU takes part in No Impact Week

By contributor Chantelle Spicer. The lifestyle decisions we make impact the environment, whether we think about them or not. The manufacture, use, and disposability of everyday products, along with the production and transportation of food, all have consequences on the natural world that many of us never ponder. Counter-culture movements like the “back-to-the-land” ethic, influenced … Continued

Talking Trash: A Look at Nanaimo’s Littering problem

The photographs sent by a resident of Nanaimo’s College Dr. neighbourhood, who recently emailed Nanaimo’s Mayor and Council to complain about litter on the College Dr. roadway, show a boulevard littered with coffee cups, food containers, and fast food wrappers. The writer characterizes the litter as “an eyesore and an irritation.” On weekdays the area … Continued

Love a mug

By contributor Chantelle Spicer During the fall term of 2014, the members of Solutions: A Sustainability Network reflected on consumption habits: their own and the habits of the entire VIU campus. They were interested in where consumption had the largest impact and how that could be minimized. Major contributors brought to the table were food … Continued

We need the trees

Happy New Year. It’s going to rain until May. The landscape is barren. Our next holiday is over a month away. Just when we need the comfort and security of something life-affirming—something that has been here longer than we have, weathering storms and drought—you come around the corner and it’s gone. They cut down the … Continued

CarShare club coming to VIU

By contributor Chantelle Spicer It’s all about balance. How many times have you heard someone say this recently? Whether it’s school versus personal life, a salad versus a bag of chips for lunch, or any other balancing acts that life throws at us, it can feel impossible to find harmony sometimes. The City of Nanaimo … Continued

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