Nanaimo Women’s Centre nia jam fundraiser

The Nanaimo Women’s Centre is hosting a Nia Jam and fundraiser on Saturday, December 16th at the Wellington Hall on 3922 Corunna Avenue in Nanaimo. Nia jam is a type of dance that incorporates moves from martial arts and mixes them with modern dance moves. Nia is an acronym for non-impact aerobics, and it can … Continued

Masculinities and mental health

When we start to think about masculinity, what are some ideas that come to mind? Are they qualities we like? Qualities we’ve chosen? Qualities we feel are unattainable, unpleasant, or even alienating? If internal definitions of masculinities are something that we don’t even like, well, then who the hell is making the playbook anyway? Feminism … Continued

Life as Art: Rupi Kaur

Above: 📷 Goodreads By contributor Chantelle Spicer Over the break, I took my time working through the 2015 book milk and honey, which is a collection of poetry, prose and illustration by the talented 24 year old Canadian. If you do not know the name Rupi Kaur, I am willing to bet that you probably know her … Continued

VIU Lecture on Games Industry From a Feminist Perspective

By Web Editor Antony Stevens Brenda Gershkovitch, co-founder of Vancouver-based game development studio Silicon Sisters, spoke at VIU last Tuesday in an open lecture. Pulling from her ten years of experience within the industry, Gershkovitch offered a feminist perspective on game design, and shone light on her studio’s decision to turn down development on the … Continued

The Exit Interview with Arlen Hogarth

The last artist interview of the year. One-on-one with the introverted feminist behind some of the disquieting, existentialist comics in the Odds & Ends page of our paper.   Navigator: How did you become a feminist? Arlen: My girlfriend became a feminist as we were dating and I picked it up really quickly. Just being … Continued

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