An emotional ride with filmmaker Todd Jones

One of the perks of local film festivals is the opportunity to see the familiar faces of returning artists. This year, The Vancouver Island Short Film Festival (VISFF) welcomes the return of award-winning filmmaker-multitasker Todd Jones showcasing his fifth short film, a twisted dark comedy “At Death’s Door”. When asked about the beginning of his … Continued

Essential viewing: Tokyo Story (1953)

By contributor Spencer Wilson Many of the films seen in today’s theatres can be a sensory overload. Everything is kept in motion to try and salvage the interest of less engaged audience members. There is little value placed in composing a shot so well that the camera does not need to move, and thus the … Continued

Movie review: Mr.Turner

By contributor Spencer Wilson When creating a docudrama, the purpose is to show the audience why it was necessary to create one instead of a straight documentary. A great docudrama will offer a unique perspective and sometimes—with elegant subtlety—the director’s personal opinion on the persons or events depicted. If the only interesting part of the … Continued

Local filmmaker campaigns for funding

An IndieGogo campaign for a local feature film Beyond Control seeks to reach community support and raise funds to finish post-production. Beyond Control is being produced and shot in Nanaimo.                                     Featuring all local talent, this psychological horror is a coming-of-age tale about a girl dealing with her past and powerful perception. Written, produced, and … Continued

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