Put your feet up and rest awhile

You made it. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for another semester finished. Maybe you rocked it, maybe you didn’t, but either way, you deserve a rest. Treat yourself. Have a book you’ve been itching to read? Was there a personal project you’ve been meaning to start? Maybe you haven’t been to the movies in … Continued

Eat, sleep, study, repeat

The initial glow and optimism of the early semester are long gone, and I don’t need a calendar to know it’s mid-November. Instead, I can simply read the appearance and behavior of my classmates: bloodshot eyes, slouched shoulders, bursts of maniacal laughter and hysterical tears. Not that I’m doing any better. Under the pressure to … Continued

Squish the stress away

Above: 📷 momtastic.com By Production Manager Catherine Charlebois For many, March is a stressful month, crammed full of exams, final projects, and essays. Before you let those last few weeks before summer freedom get to you, make this stress putty—I guarantee, you’ll be squishing away stress you didn’t know you had. Easy to make, and customizable, this … Continued

Glorifying exhaustion: The student crisis

Above: Photo via iStockphoto.com By contributor Jessy-Lee Craig It’s that time of year again; between the midterms, papers, and looming final exams, people start to brag about how they are on their sixth extra-large triple-shot coffee, or that they pulled an all-nighter to get their paper in on time. Although I congratulate my fellow students’ … Continued

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