Hot Chocolate Cookies

I love Christmas. The indoors feel cozier, the air feels more magic, hot chocolate tastes better. Giving gifts is a major way that I like to show people in my life that I care about them. However, my gift-giver way of life is somewhat halted by my student-sized wallet.  One great way I have found … Continued

Spider’s Web Dip

I love Halloween. I get to dress up, decorate my house, watch scary movies, and sneak from the candy bowl that I’m supposed to give the trick or treat-ers. But my favourite part of Halloween is making the snacks, which comes—in large part—from my mom.  She is the most extra of Halloween moms. Our front … Continued

Craft Fare: A Review

Craft Fare is Nanaimo’s newest food and beer spot. It’s a tight space along Commercial Drive in Nanaimo’s downtown. The front is all windows and inside, it’s decorated with textured whitewashed walls, mirrors, and a small succulent garden. There’s bar seating, a few tables for two, and a couple long tables with benches for groups. … Continued

7-Eleven snacks, ranked

I’m graduating this spring, which means you’re reading my last editorial. I’ve been on The Nav’s masthead since 2016 and contributing since 2014. Originally, I planned for this editorial to be a sappy goodbye to both The Nav and VIU. But, in the spirit of making the most of this space (which I will never … Continued

Chewing the Fat: My experience on a ketogenic diet

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed my general ambivalence toward “fad diets” and the factors that led up to my decision to cave to keto. I outlined the basics, boasted about bacon, and even went a little “Bill-Nye” for anyone interested in the science. As promised, this section provides an account of my … Continued

BBQ cauliflower bites

By Production Manager Catherine Charlebois That savoury, crunchy, melt in your mouth flavour? Here’s a healthy alternative to satisfy those late night munchies. Simple, versatile, and with made with basic ingredients, there’s no reason not to try. Meat-eaters, not to worry, these are so packed with flavour, you might not even be able to tell the … Continued

The Poetry of Online Restaurant Reviews

What prompts people to take the time to write online restaurant reviews? I explored Google and TripAdvisor reviews of Nanaimo restaurants, and by my investigation, it’s either a superb dining experience or an awful one. Yes, there are people who report on mediocre calamari in so-so restaurants, but the majority of the detailed, lengthy reviews … Continued

Need motivation to hit the gym or eat your greens?

VIU Campus Rec’s successful program Personal Activity Choices and Eating Sensibly (PACES) gives students an incentive to eat healthy and exercise, as well as an opportunity to win prizes. Beginning again on September 28, participants will record their physical activity minutes and fruit and vegetable intake for nine weeks, ending November 27. By recording and … Continued

Fast Fall Recipes

Finding recipes that are quick, easy, and nutritious is hard. Between work, school and life in general, it’s difficult finding new recipes (or finding the time!) to cook something different, especially when it comes to the struggling student. We’ve all been there, wondering what to make for dinner and just not finding anything interesting to … Continued

Sweet n’ Salty Easter Nests

Hibernation season is over—it’s time to awaken your taste buds with these fun treats just in time for a student’s favourite long weekend (aka the homework hustle): Easter. These Pinterest-worthy nests are made with super simple ingredients, with just the right amount of crunch. You can grab everything you need from Bulk Barn or Wal-Mart. Yields: … Continued

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