VIU Services: Book buyback

How many thousands of dollars have you spent on textbooks for university? What do you do with your textbooks when you’re done with them? Do they just sit on your bookshelf forever, never to be read again? Wouldn’t it be nice to get at least some of the money back? VIU’s bookstore offers to buy your used books. They buy books … Continued

VIU Services: Food Services

We’ve all heard of students who lived off of Mr. Noodles because they simply couldn’t afford to buy proper groceries or make more nutritional meals. Perhaps you’re one of those students. There are also many students who buy fast food every day because, between classes and work, they don’t have time to cook for themselves. … Continued

VIU Services: Students Working For You

Many university programs give their students the opportunity to get hands-on experience by of­fering services to other students, staff, and the public. Since these services provide a learning experience and often take longer than they would elsewhere, costs are typically at a re­duced rate. This way, both the students in the program and those using … Continued

VIU Services: The Writing Centre

VIU offers many services to help get you through the school year. Maybe you’ve heard about some of them, but for one reason or another have yet to utilize these services. Maybe you don’t know yet what VIU has to offer. For each issue of The Navigator, this column will feature a service offered through … Continued

Death by summer

By contributor Sebastian Barkovic Wow, what a summer I had! It’s now the fourth week of school and I can barely get in the groove. I guess you can say that I had an abundance of fun. Where am I going with this? Surely no one wants to hear about my summer. I’m not here … Continued


This is the first in a contributor column by Zoe Lauckner. Check back next issue for the latest in Mental Health issues. It’s that time of year again—students new and experienced come together on campus with the goal of learning in mind. Though exciting times for many, university is commonly the most stressful time students have … Continued

VIU Dreamin’

[slideshow_deploy id=’7834′] Photos by Sean Enns A note on Deep Dream: Developers at Google released an image manipulation framework during the summer. The package applies various filters—from the subtle to the fantastical—to images it’s fed, then examines each pixel, and attempts to make sense of it. Once it comes up with an answer, it overlays … Continued

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