An explanation

My best friend, Emily, is a woman and has never doubted that she was one. “What’s it like to have a gender?” I have asked her multiple times. “What’s it like to feel sexual attraction?” she has asked me. I am nonbinary. I have never felt comfortable calling myself a woman or a man. A … Continued

Dirtyin’ The Nav: Sex-positive Q & A

By Editor Diana Pearson Despite our so-called sexually liberated society, myths and shame-filled guidelines about sex continue to be rampant. I’m going to venture a guess that you, like many of us, have spent your share of long, anxiety-ridden nights Googling questions about sex. It can be frustrating and difficult to find thoughtful, informative, and … Continued

In the Barbie world

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic. At least it is according to “Barbie Girl,” the 1997 hit from pop group Aqua. The song, for those who are unfamiliar, includes startling PG-13 lyrics such as “You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere,” and “I’m a blond bimbo girl in a fantasy world.” In 2002, Barbie’s manufacturer, … Continued

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