St. Louis, SK: The ghost train

By contributor Shanon Fenske The first time I saw the St. Louis Ghost Light I didn’t know what I was looking at. One of my earliest childhood memories was of a strange cloud in the basement of our home. The room had inexplicably filled with a greenish fog that slowly rolled together and transformed into … Continued

Author Ian Gibbs on Victoria’s Most Haunted

By contributor Shanon Fenske When speaking of his upcoming book, Victoria’s Most Haunted, author Ian Gibbs says his intention isn’t to prove whether or not ghosts are real—he knows they are. “I want to tell the story,” Gibbs says. “I don’t need proof.” Gibbs was born in the United Kingdom. He was adopted, and came … Continued

Are you there, Casper? It’s me, Natalie

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates Do you believe in ghosts? Spirits of the dead who appear to the living. I have never really considered myself a believer because I haven’t had any especially compelling “sightings” myself. But I also don’t consider myself a non-believer; I welcome the possibility of something existing bigger than our mundane human … Continued

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