Treatment is key to reducing impaired driving

Bill C-46, which became law in December, allows police to request a breathalyzer test from any driver pulled over for violating traffic laws or passing through a check stop. Previously, police had to have a reasonable suspicion a driver was impaired (like noticing slurred speech or bloodshot eyes) to request a breathalyzer test. There are debates … Continued

Harm reduction: Keeping substance users safe

In 2012, I became an intravenous substance user. Previously, I swallowed and snorted substances to maintain my dependence. Using needles, in my mind, was a level beyond the other methods of administration—not only because of the increased chance of overdose and disease, but because of the stigmas. For many who consider the use of substances … Continued

Unauthorized safe consumption site sparks controversy

By News Editor Aislinn Cottell Nanaimo residents have taken the growing fentanyl crisis into their own hands in a bold and somewhat controversial move. On Boxing Day, city councillor Gordon Fuller and a group of concerned volunteers set up a safe-injection—or safe-consumption, as named by organizers—site within a tent currently residing outside of City Hall. … Continued

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