Modo Yoga Nanaimo

Skye Langlois is the studio manager of Modo Yoga in Nanaimo. Modo Yoga has two locations: one on Dufferin Crescent, and the other on Rutherford Road. Langlois has been a yoga teacher since 2015.  “What drew me to yoga was initially vanity. I wanted to be someone else. I wanted to be skinnier. I wanted … Continued

Vegan health

If you’ve spent any time in the vegan corner of the Internet, you’ll have noticed a wide range of opinions about the vegan diet. There are those that claim it’s the healthiest diet that ever existed, and those that claim it will kill you. A vegan diet, like a diet that includes animal products, can … Continued

Glorifying exhaustion: The student crisis

Above: Photo via By contributor Jessy-Lee Craig It’s that time of year again; between the midterms, papers, and looming final exams, people start to brag about how they are on their sixth extra-large triple-shot coffee, or that they pulled an all-nighter to get their paper in on time. Although I congratulate my fellow students’ … Continued

A newbie’s guide to yoga

Sports never interested me as a child, only physically active when my mother coerced me into intramural sports, or my 45-year-old teachers pushed me along the track for “just one more lap”. I have always leaned toward reading or watching movies, because getting sweaty and having sore muscles is really not my style.  Honestly, who … Continued

Bill H-51: “Canada’s Anti-Heart-Disease Bill”

By contributor Sebastian Barkovic I don’t know my Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as I should. Yes, I study politics, but I’m nowhere near as well-read as your typical freedom-suppressing Conservative. Speaking of which, you have most likely heard about Bill C-51, the one our government put forth in Parliament a few weeks back. … Continued

Eat veggies and be merry

Sometimes you just need a reminder to eat your greens, especially when living the student life. It’s easy for junk food to slip from the occasional snack to a diet staple. My personal, latest reminder was just before the New Year, when I was invited to my first vegan potluck. When my boyfriend and I … Continued

PMS Protocol

My head aches. So does my abdomen. It’s 9:30 am and I’m ready for a nap. My neighbour’s coal roller frankentruck has been idling in the driveway for five minutes; I’m about to introduce it to my rolling pin. That SPCA commercial starring Sarah McLachlan just came on—the one that plays Angel—and I’ve started to … Continued

Fight the flu

Entering the month of January, we find ourselves right in the middle of flu season. London Drugs Pharmacist Chris Wiebe said the biggest thing people need to remember during this time is the difference between the flu and a cold. “A flu comes with a fever whereas a cold doesn’t. The rest of the symptoms … Continued

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