Eat seasonal: November

It’s hard to eat in-season when all you want is a nice pineapple or some raspberries—even more so when it comes to eating locally. Here is a short list of veggies in-season this month. Why not have a look at VIU’s very own Farmers’ Market every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside the … Continued

Wide awake and sleeping: Discussing narcolepsy

It’s the middle of class and you’re overtaken by fatigue. Not just an uncontrollable case of the yawns, but the urge to put your head on the table and sleep. It may transcend an urge—your head may fall involuntarily and you are immediately in a deep sleep. To the untrained eye it could look like … Continued

Eat veggies and be merry

Sometimes you just need a reminder to eat your greens, especially when living the student life. It’s easy for junk food to slip from the occasional snack to a diet staple. My personal, latest reminder was just before the New Year, when I was invited to my first vegan potluck. When my boyfriend and I … Continued

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